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We are award-winning installers of state-of-the-art security systems for business and homes. With over 30 years of experience, we have a wealth of security advice to give. Below you will find some basic tips and advice on best practices when using your security system.


Get The System That's Right For You

There are a lot of options when it comes to security solutions, make sure you choose the one that suits your needs.

Keep Your Codes Safe

Your system activation codes are unique to you - don't forget them!

Maintain Your System

It's essential to keep your security system in working order. Keep them maintained with R&S Security so your insurance remains valid.

Why should I choose an SSAIB registered company?

R&S Security Specialists are a Security System and Alarms Inspection Board registered company. SSAIB, under their codes of practice, inspect us to ensure we are installing and maintaining the system to the recognised standard. With a number of stringent checks on site, they also check our insurance, quality control, performance and much more.

Are there any combined burglar/fire alarms available?

Yes, there is, R&S security Burglar alarms offers a unique smoke and heat detector which can be incorporated into a burglar alarm system.

I have pets. Can I have alarms installed in my home?

Yes, R&S security Burglar alarms offer an intelligent pet tolerant PIR movement detector which can distinguish between humans or animals.

Can I get an alarm system with a panic button?

Yes, R&S security Burglar alarms offer a double push panic button (requires two buttons pressed simultaneously) to set the panic system off and either contact the police or just sound of the bells.

What is a user code?

A user code is a unique code provided by the customer and programmed into the system to allow the system to be set and unset only by the user code. It also allows the customer to gain access to the burglar alarm features ie viewing the alarms log or changing the features.

How do I find my user code?

You can’t find the user code once it has been lost or forgotten, the only way of retrieving this code is by one of R&S Security’s trained engineers to rest the system and set up a new unique user code provided by the end user.

What is an event log?

An event log is a feature in all R&S Security’s burglar alarm systems which allows the end user to interrogate the system to see what time the system has been set or unset and by which user. It allows the end user to see which zone, what time and how many times time a false alarm has occurred along with identifying any system faults such as power cuts, battery faults or fuse problems.

How do I find the event log?

The event log is found by entering the user code into the burglar alarm keypad and following a simple procedure navigating through the menu to retrieve the log.

Do alarms work during power cut?

Yes, our burglar alarms all come with battery backup will keep the system functioning throughout a power cut usually between 8-12 hours depending on which system we have installed.

What happens if my alarm goes off when I am on holiday, will it stop ringing?

Yes, all our burglar alarms are programmed to cut-off after the industry-standard time of 15 minutes, after which, the system will automatically re-arm itself.

Is there any way of knowing that my alarm has gone off while I’m away?

Yes, our burglar alarms offer a few options for the system contacting the customer while they are not at the premises. The cheapest option is a speech or text dialler which either utilises a phone line or by installing SIM card in the dialler which can send a text or audio message to the end user mobile. Another option to connect the burglar alarm to a monitoring station who monitor the system 24/7 and inform the customer or any false alarms or faults. The police can also be informed if required.

What will happen if my neighbours ignore my alarm?

If your neighbours ignore your burglar alarm, it will automatically re-arm itself after 15 minutes (industry standard) and stay set. The strobe light in the outside bell box will continue to flash until you return home and enter the user code into the keypad. This is a feature which makes both yourself and your neighbours aware that your burglar alarm has activated during the set period.

What is a keyholder?

A keyholder is somebody who holds keys to your property. This is somebody who you can trust to look after your house or business premises either while you’re on holiday or as your backup if you’re not around and in the event of a break in or a false alarm.

When do I need an engineer to reset my alarm?

You only need an engineer to rest your burglar alarm either if it’s monitored or the system has a fault which you cannot clear.

What is a remote rest?

A remote rest is a function in the burglar alarm which allows the end user to rest their alarm if it’s is just a false alarm, this normally only applies to a monitored system.

How much are the yearly maintenance charges for a security system?

R&S Security offer numerous packages and prices for different systems, Please contact us for details.

How long is my alarm system guaranteed for?

All R&S Security burglar alarms are guaranteed for 12 months from the day of installation.

What is 'silent mode' for an alarm system?

Silent mode is a setting in the program when R&S security programme the system it allows the system to be alarmed at bedtime silently so it doesn’t wake anybody up who is already asleep in bed. 

Can I have an alarm with silent mode?

Yes, all R&S security burglar alarms have this feature. At the programming stage, we will ask you if you want this feature enabling.

When do I need to change the batteries in my alarm system?

R&S Security batteries' optimum performance is up to 3 years old after which, they start to deteriorate and will usually fail at the most inappropriate time. We recommend all batteries are replaced after the 3 years.

Why is a monitored system better than an alarm or a siren?

Our monitored intruder alarm systems are better because they are monitored 24/7 by our monitoring station and the instant you have an incident, the system informs the monitoring station who contact either the police or keyholders instantly. A 'bells only' systems rely purely on sound to inform neighbours. If you live in a rural area, is a possibility nobody will hear it.

What is the average cost of an alarm system?

R&S Security burglar alarms are bespoke systems designed by our fully trained surveyors to suit you, your family and your work premises. Our basic residential burglar alarms start from around £500.00 + VAT. 

There are many locally advertised security systems which are cheap. Are they any good?

Usually, the cheap systems are fitted by one man bands who can offer cheap systems using low quality equipment and who are not VAT registered. Most small one man bands are not accredited and cannot offer you 24/7 callout facility if your equipment fails or insurance approved certification. Part of the industry accreditation (SSAIB) requires any callouts to be attended within 4 hours incase of emergency or catastrophic system failure.

I have seen alarm systems for sale in B&Q, are they any good? 

These are DIY systems that are not approved by insurance companies if they are not fitted by a specialist.

My alarm systems was installed by someone else Will you be able to maintain them for me?  

R & S Security will maintain another Installers system on the condition the system is fit for purpose and up to standard, before we can maintain system we will send an engineer out to confirm it meets the criteria. 

Is there any possibility my current alarm systems needs upgrading?

Yes there is a possibility your alarm system is in need of an upgrade, an old system can let you down when it's most needed. R & S Security can offer a free quotation and advice on your current system.

Should I use motion detectors or window alarms (vibration monitors)?

Either of these work, window detection is a perimeter detector which covers the property from the outside and detects vibration on window or door frames before thieves enter the building therefore triggering the system much sooner. Motion detectors rely on movement inside the premises. R & S Security recommend vibration monitors on vulnerable doors or windows.

What happens if a burglar cuts my phone line?

If it’s just a speech dialler fitted and the phone line gets cut the system will not contact any keyholders, If the system is monitored utilising a dual path signalling device to our monitoring station the system will still communicate with the secondary path. 

Is it possible that I can get the security system installed and still not pay an annual maintenance fee?

For the 1st 12 months R & S Security honours a 12 month warranty service and callout facility from the day of Installation. 12 months from the Installation date the maintenance is due and every year thereafter. This service facility is completely up to the customer and they are not obliged to take out the service contract, an un maintained system could invalidate your insurance policy or let you down when you most need it with no 24/7 callout facility in place. 

Will I be able to monitor my CCTV cameras at home or work from a remote location?

Yes all R & S Security systems CCTV systems can be monitored using either a smart phone, tablet or pc as long as you have an internet connection at your premises and either 3G or internet connection at the location. 

Will CCTV security systems be able to function at night?

Yes R & S Security CCTV systems if required have the facility of viewing at night with infra lighting leds incorporated into the camera.

Will you be able to help me if I need to relocate, can you move my system?

Yes R & S Security can offer a service to remove and refit your system if you are moving. Contact us and ask for a surveyor to come out and give you some free advice.

Before I move out of my house, what do I need to do with my security systems?

The only thing we recommend is to change your user code back to the factory default code. The code you use might be a unique code to you which is not a good idea to give out. 

Will an alarm system reduce my insurance costs?

Dependant on your Insurance company it is possible. R&S Security is an accredited installer and you may receive a discount on your annual premium.

 Will I have any false alarms from my motion detector?

R & S Security burglar alarms only Install high spec state of the art equipment which is very unlikely to false alarm. The equipment these days is very reliable and stable and as long as we have specified the system correctly and fitted the right motion detectors in the right places you shouldn't get any false alarms. 

Will I require a phone line for getting a monitored security system?

This all depends on which system we have specified, there are numerous systems where some require a phone line and some don't. Consult R & S Security to establish this.

How long have R & S been in the security business?

R & S Security started trading in April 2007. Both Richard Sanders and Scott Parkinson between them have over 40 years of experience in the industry.

Can I test my security alarm system is working?

Yes, we recommend you test the system yourself on a regular basis, all systems have the facility to put into a walk test and a bell test mode. Consult your manual for this facility.

Is an alarm security system easy to manage?

Yes, security systems are easy to manage, R & S Security provide a service so if there is any faults or issues we deal with them but in general there is not really much you need to manage apart from general housekeeping.

How long will it take to get security systems installed in my home or office?

This is all dependent on the system we have specified and how big your property is. Most residential systems can be installed within a day but bigger ones or offices / factories etc can take much longer.

Are there any hidden charges in the installation costs for security systems?

R & S Security don't hide any charges and everything quoted will be in the quotation pack for you to see clearly. Some companies still own the equipment even though you have spent a lot of money or even tie you into contracts which can be as long as five years. With R & S Security its simple! you own the equipment from the day you have paid for it and the contract period is a maximum of 12 months.


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