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Home Security Alarm Systems UK

 Secure your home and possessions today with some of the finest home security alarm systems the UK has to offer. Our intruder alarms are designed around your home and family's needs. We'll come out and survey your property free of charge and assist you in deciding what alarm system and setups are best for you and your lifestyle.


User-Friendly Burglar Alarms

All of our domestic burglar alarms are perfectly easy to use. Upon installation we can provide any help and advice needed, from there you'll be good to go.

Got Pets? No Problem!

Our burglar alarms include pet-friendly sensors, removing the need to worry about your system going off when armed.

Wireless, Wired & More...

We install a wide range of wired, wireless and hybrid alarm systems, tailored to your requirements and the needs of your home.

Why should I choose an SSAIB registered company for my Domestic Intruder Alarm system?

R&S Security Specialists are a Security System and Alarms Inspection Board registered company. SSAIB, under their codes of practice, inspect us to ensure we are installing and maintaining the system to the recognised standard. With a number of stringent checks on site, they also check our insurance, quality control, performance and much more.

Our house alarm security experts will arrange a survey of your premises from boundary to boundary and design a user-friendly, failsafe system that will not only alert you to any intruders but more importantly, deter them in the first place. We aim to create an environment where an opportunist has no choice but to pass by.

How often do we hear a burglar alarm and do nothing, thinking it will be a 'false alarm'? The alarm system we create for you will be extremely reliable to alert you to real risk situations. Our installations are the finest domestic burglar alarms Doncaster has to offer! 

Depending on a survey of the layout of your premises, it's size and security risks, our technicians will design a bespoke alarm system, best suited to you, but put simply, there are three main types of intruder alarm systems we offer:

  1. Wired alarm system - Wired alarms require a slim cable between each component throughout the premises, so we carefully plan the positioning to ensure there is minimal cosmetic intrusion to your property.
  2. Fully wireless alarm system - A wireless alarm does not require any cable between each component. Everything except the main control panel is wireless and powered with long-life lithium batteries, lasting up to 3 years before replacement. This latest technology for wireless alarm systems runs on dedicated, secure and stable frequencies, which prevent interference from other wireless devices in the area and are secure enough to avoid being hacked. 
  3. Hybrid alarm system - A hybrid alarm is a combination of both wired and wireless. We connect the areas that can accept cables discreetly, fitting wireless components where it is difficult or cosmetically detrimental to the property.

Hybrid systems are very convenient for upgrading a current alarm system. Old equipment can be replaced but remain as a wired system, while new areas such as extensions, doors, windows, sheds and garages or even smoke detection components can be integrated using wireless technology which could save you replacing the whole system. 

We also offer the option of reliable smartphone and tablet integration, so controlling your alarm or alerting you of an activation while you’re away from the premises is simple and convenient.


Advantages of Wired and Hybrid alarm systems

  • Cost-effective
  • Good for upgrades and refits
  • Wireless detectors can easily be added to new areas of your property
  • Easy to upgrade your existing equipment
  • Smartphone and tablet integration
  • User-friendly
  • Pet-friendly movement detectors
  • Can be set or disarmed by a wireless fob
  • Battery-free detectors


Advantages of fully wireless alarm systems

  • Cost-effective and easy installation
  • No mess and quick to install
  • Very flexible and can be extended at any time
  • Equipment can be removed easily if you move home
  • User-friendly
  • Pet-friendly movement detectors
  • Can be set or disarmed by a wireless fob


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