CCTV Installation in Doncaster

We don't just provide the best home CCTV Doncaster has to offer. We pride ourselves in providing CCTV installation in Doncaster and surrounding areas, suitable for both homes and businesses. Our installations are easy to use and tailored to your needs.

Smartphone Access to Live Footage

Our smart CCTV systems provide you with a 24/7 direct feed to your smartphone. View from anywhere over the internet and find peace of mind with crystal clear video streaming.

Our Installations, Done Your Way

Our experienced security experts will work closely with you to come up with a tailored plan that will suit your needs. All you need to do is request your free quote.

More Than Just a CCTV Installation

Our CCTV systems can also be fully integrated into a variety of other security systems. Including intruder and fire alarms, security lighting and access control.

Why should I choose an SSAIB registered company for my CCTV system?

R&S Security Specialists are a Security System and Alarms Inspection Board registered company. SSAIB, under their codes of practice, inspect us to ensure we are installing and maintaining the system to the recognised standard. With a number of stringent checks on site, they also check our insurance, quality control, performance and much more.

CCTV installation is rapidly becoming an essential tool in today's society to protect you and your premises against crime, public order and burglary, as well as an effective visual deterrent.

R&S Security Specialists offer state-of-the-art, High Definition CCTV systems that protect you and your property, 24 hours a day from intruders, and at an affordable price!

We provide the very latest in CCTV Technologies including:

  • Bespoke CCTV systems installation and design services, tailored to your unique requirements
  • Powerful visual deterrent against burglary and other crime
  • Off-site Security Monitoring, allowing you to keep your home or business premises safe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Today, crystal clear images can be viewed remotely anywhere, anytime via iOS or Android smartphones, tablets or PCs
  • Preventative Maintenance on new and existing CCTV systems
  • Leasing facilities


Making The World a Safer, Smarter Place

On average a person is seen by a CCTV Installation 300 times a day. Experts claim that over 60% of burglaries and break-ins could be prevented if more people had CCTV systems installed on their property. A CCTV system isn't just great at protecting our own property and possessions, a lot gets caught on CCTV, including crimes not tied to yourself.

Roughly 80% of CCTV footage given as evidence is turned down by police due to the quality being really poor and that's why we ensure to provide all our customers with installations that produce only the best streaming quality.


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